Monday, August 03, 2015

New Bethesda Metro escalator opening today (Photo)

You got a sneak preview of the newly-installed escalator at the Bethesda Metro station the other day. But today, you get to actually ride it. WMATA says the new escalator will open to the public this morning.

“We are excited to mark this milestone with the replacement of the first of the three long escalators at Bethesda,” prominent Bethesda realtor Jane Fairweather said in a statement Sunday. Fairweather, who also serves as chair of The Greater Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce’s Metro Improvement Task Force, added that "We look forward to the improved reliability that local residents, employees, visitors, tourists and all users of the Bethesda Metro station will experience as they enter and exit the station."

Contractor KONE has two more escalators to go before the $8.4 million project is complete at the station. "This is a significant improvement for our customers at Bethesda Station," said Metro Interim General Manager and CEO Jack Requa. "This first new entrance escalator will provide more reliable service for the thousands of passengers who travel through the station each day."

A chance to ride a working escalator at the Bethesda Metro station - an exciting day indeed.


Anonymous said...

Why no hat tip for the Post? They published the story at 11:23 PM last night, on their home page.

Anonymous said...

Dyer has had the most extensive coverage of the Bethesda escalator project.

Why hat tip the Post? If you're saying they published a story at 11:23pm, Metro announced this hours before that earlier on Sunday. lol

Robert Dyer said...

7:07: A hat tip for the Post, when WMATA released the press release to all, hours before that?

Anonymous said...

Dyer's readers don't visit daily to read a re-hash of the Post's articles of the day. You can visit local blogs for that.

We want Dyer's original and enterprising content that he's providing. Now more than ever.

Anonymous said...

So, riding it last night, it was weirdly bumpy and a little scary.