Monday, February 01, 2016

Construction set to begin on True Food Kitchen in Bethesda

True Food Kitchen has requested a construction permit from Montgomery County, for the interior build-out of its new downtown Bethesda location. The 7,453 SF space is in the ground floor level of the future Solaire Bethesda luxury apartment building, at 7100 Wisconsin Avenue.

Also pending for True Food Kitchen is a liquor license hearing this Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for this. It'll really help liven up what many consider the true center of Wodmont Triangle Blackfinn may have had its issues but at least it was active.

Anonymous said...

It's not in Woodmont Triangle.
Isn't Solaire where Eastham's used to be on Wisconsin?

Anonymous said...

Oh dang sorry I confused True Food Kitchen and the diner that's going in at the Norfolk building. My bad.

The True Food Spot will help activate its location too!

Anonymous said...

Food looks awful. Earthy, crunchy. Will never go there. Plus, where in the world do you park?