Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Community Paint & Hardware hoisted onto dolly system for move (Photos)

The historic Wilson Store building, a.k.a Community Paint & Hardware, has been lifted up onto the motorized dolly system that will be used to move it to Middleton Lane this weekend. 7250 Wisconsin Avenue is believed to be the last 19th century building in downtown Bethesda, and is being moved for the second time in its life for the same reason: redevelopment of 7272 Wisconsin Avenue.

If you look closely at the photos, you can see the truck-size wheels beneath the two halves of the store, which were separated last week. Expert House Movers is the contractor moving the structure. The front of the store is currently sitting on a dolly in the driveway of the Apex Building.


Anonymous said...

I haven't been keeping up. Where are we on the 50 days of birthday wishes? Well, here's today's:
Happy Birthday next month! What's your big birthday wish this year?
Will your cake have forty-six little candles?

Anonymous said...

Robert Dyer is a small-candled vulgarian.

How is the count numbered? Starting at 1 or 50 and counting down? Is his birthday itself counted among that number, or is it separate? Depending on that, the count is either Day 17, 18, 32 or 33.

Anonymous said...

Cities all across the South, including Baltimore last night, are removing their Confederate statues this week. Looks like the City of Rockville and Montgomery County were ahead of the curve.


Anonymous said...

I so fucking don't care about this - when will you report on PINSTRIPES?!

Anonymous said...

Baltimore (and Maryland) is not Southern, despite its Confederate monuments.

Tim said...

Does the Anonymous man who thinks he knows Dyer's address, birthday, favorite color, etc mean it as a threat to keep posting or talking about Robert's personal information or is Anonymous like a celebrity stalker who thinks he is friends with Dyer and demands attention?

Which motive is worse? Not sure, but both are evidence of mental illness from the Anonymous man desperate to change the topic to irrelevant matters.

Anonymous said...

These recent fiascos, closing Leland street & a lane of Wisconsin with no notice, shows what happens when the Council takes their eye off the ball.

We haven't had a Bethesda resident on the Council in a generation.

Anonymous said...

Jesus. Just tear the POS down like a confederate monument.

Anonymous said...

Why did you delete this? A perfectly valid comment that in no way "attacks" Dyer. And why only my comment? Why not also comments from "Tim" and Anonymous 5:22?

Here's my deleted 11:48AM comment. (Yes, I heard you, copy-keepers.)

"Tim", what do you have against birthdays?
Do you really want to dump that "anonymous man" baggage on someone who gives birthday wishes? Paranoid much? You know, his birthdate is completely available information and not some classified deep dark state secret.

5:22AM must have touched on some raw nerve. Who would have thunk?? Getting chewed out by an anonymous reader for birthday felicitations. SMH

Robert Dyer said...

3:49: I will tell you that the "public information" you refer to was an illegal doxing of candidates by a local publication.

They gave all candidates a form under the deception that it was for their reporters' use only, but then illegally posted all of that personal information online without permission.

Anonymous said...

"an illegal doxing of candidates by a local publication."

You mean the Gazette? The standard to which you always compare yourself?

Did you complain about this at the time? Did any other candidates?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who sees information on the interwebs has no obligation to research how the information was procured. The End.