Friday, August 18, 2017

Donohoe applies for environmental clean-up program for Bethesda paint store

There's a new sign that the Sherwin-Williams paint store is being readied for future redevelopment - literally. A sign has been posted on the property at 4809 Auburn Avenue in downtown Bethesda announcing the landowner has applied for the Maryland Department of the Environment Voluntary Clean-up Program.

The property is owned by an LLC established by the Donohoe Companies, which purchased the site for $12 million in January. Since such a clean-up would be unnecessary for a paint store to continue to operate in the building, it only financially makes sense to do so in the context of redevelopment. Donohoe has completed construction of the Gallery Bethesda apartment tower across the street, and is currently building a sister tower, code-named "The Rugby" for now.


Anonymous said...

So did you contact any live people at Donohoe, to find out what's going on?

Anonymous said...

How about any dead people? You might get some leads on that illegal voting in 2014.