Thursday, November 01, 2018

Bethesda Target ready for Christmas (Photos)

Halloween is over, but the Target in downtown Bethesda has already been looking ahead to Christmas since last weekend. Shelves have been stocked for the holidays all this week with Christmas shopping items from decor to gifts. Even Bullseye has made an appearance, if you can find him in these photos - he's almost as hard to find as Hans "Coward of the County" Riemer at a general election debate.
CLICK HERE to stop the four
developer-funded Democrats running for
County Council At-Large from stealing

Robert Dyer
for a County run by the citizens,
not the developers


Anonymous said...

No "JOY" for you next Wednesday morning. LOL

Anonymous said...

ME angrily pointing at Santa with an oversized Turkey by my side: "DECEMBER, FAT BOY! THIS MONTH IS FOR MY HOLIDAY! Get back in your sleigh and WAIT YOUR TURN!"

Anna said...

What are you asking Santa for this year, Robert? What's on your list?