Friday, November 16, 2018

Ceremony Coffee Roasters to open Bethesda location

We've been waiting for Philz Coffee to open for some time at Bethesda Row, and now there's even more good news for Bethesda java lovers. Annapolis-based Ceremony Coffee Roasters is coming soon to the Bethesda Crescent building at 7475 Wisconsin Avenue.

The company offers a constantly-changing selection of fine coffees from growers around the world. Their selections represent "super-fresh, super-clean, 85+ point coffees with loads of sweetness and character," according to the company's marketing materials. "Then our roasting team gets to work on a tireless pursuit to develop roast profiles and blend ratios that highlight the best of every coffee."

Ceremony also sells coffee gear and accessories, and promotes a "taste by color" guide that connects your "flavor memories" with specific roasts.


Anonymous said...

Wow right smack in between 2 Starbucks! These entrepreneurs are brave! I'll give them a shot.

Anonymous said...

How many more coffee places are going to open in Bethesda? Don't forget Peet's has been open for quite a few years now. No way all these can survive. Say what you will about the Bucks, but they are a cultural force to be reckoned with. And as Kevin from Shark Tank says, "the big boys will crush you like a grape."

Anonymous said...

Anyone who actually likes coffee wants better than Starbucks. Ceremony is a great roaster and will be a welcome addition to Bethesda.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for better coffee like they have all over San Fran and tons of other cities. I do love some Christmas Blend though