Sunday, November 04, 2018

Marriott HQ partners pledge to address truck traffic congestion near construction site

The development partners of the relocated Marriott International headquarters at 7750 Wisconsin Avenue say they have heard concerns about increasing truck traffic congestion on Norfolk and Woodmont Avenues around their construction site, and are pledging to improve the efficiency of truck circulation. A particular problem has been traffic backing up on Norfolk Avenue while attempting to turn left onto Wisconsin. The partners say they will work with transportation officials to change the timing of signals there to speed up traffic.
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A second planned power outage around the site will occur later this month, potentially on or about November 16. The first Pepco planned outage to complete Marriott-related utility work late last month was a success, the partners report. They also renewed their reminder that any other outages occurring nearby are not related to Marriott, but are the result of several other utility projects underway in the area.


Anonymous said...

Have you actively turned away money from developers, or have you simply not been offered any?

Suburban News Network Transcript Service said...


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Anna said...

That's not how counting works.
You get your ONE vote.
The others DO NOT get a vote taken away from them.