Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Escapology to open at Pike & Rose

Escape rooms are continuing to pop up around Montgomery County, but Escapology will be the first to open at a new, "town center" development. Pike & Rose will be the first such development to lease to an escape room in the County. Escapology will be located on Old Georgetown Road, next to the NAVA Health & Vitality Center.
Escapology's escape room games will host up to eight players at once. The first game being offered at the Pike & Rose location is Antidote. Set in 2015 in the Nevada desert, the game challenges you and your teammates to find the antidote to a biological weapon virus that has infected everyone inside a secret facility - after a clumsy member of your team accidentally releases it. Locked inside the contaminated facility, you must locate the antidote and escape before the facility self-destructs.

Photos courtesy Escapology


Anonymous said...

The escape room trend is already dying. Going to be a lot of vacancies around in the next year.

Anonymous said...

@5:30am No functioning smoke detectors and one of the deceased was found with a fire extinguisher near his body, so he was probably trying to put it out and succumbed. MCFRS reported this.

Anonymous said...

6:22am what in God's name does that old tragic story from last week have to do with this new escape room?

Anna said...

12:53PM - I'd suggest you ask 5:30AM that question. 6:22 just gave an answer.

Anonymous said...

I believe that @ 6:22 AM was responding to a deleted comment which requested an update to a comment that Robert Dyer made on his article about last week's fatal fire on Western Avenue.

Robert Dyer: "There is no word yet as to whether or not the home had functioning smoke detectors."

Posted Wednesday November 21, 2018, 2:52 AM (5:52 AM EST)

Anonymous said...

Say what....escape room.....guess I am too old to get it.