Monday, November 26, 2018

Generator to run 24-hours-a-day for Purple Line construction in Chevy Chase

Stated site of the proposed generator
at 4200 East-West Highway; note
distance from the actual Georgetown Branch
right-of-way for Purple Line
Purple Line Transit Constructors plans to run a generator around the clock in a residential area of Chevy Chase for three weeks in December. The light rail contractors say the generator placed at 4200 East-West Highway will power a water pump. Purple Line-related new trail construction "requires 24 hour bypass pumping of water," the contractor argues in a filing with Montgomery County.
Coquelin Run continues
through the Columbia Country Club
northeast of the stated generator site
The all-day, all-night generator requires a noise waiver from the County. If the County issues the noise waiver, the generator is scheduled to begin operation on December 2, and power the water pump continuously for three weeks.
Coquelin Run passing under
East-West Highway in the
vicinity of the proposed generator
Curiously, the stated site of the generator and pump is a significant distance from the Purple Line Georgetown Branch right-of-way, where it passes under East-West Highway. What is near the pump site is Coquelin Run stream, which flows into Rock Creek further east. None of this makes a whole lot of sense, considering that no trail is being constructed along Coquelin Run. Why would they be pumping water here?


Anonymous said...

Most likely, the generator is located on East-West Highway to make fuel delivery easier. The actual pump is probably several hundred feet away.

Anonymous said...

The B-CC YMCA has been making all kinds of racket at all hours with generators and such for weeks and weeks--including regular port-a-john pump-outs before 6 a.m.--but nobody seems to care about that.

Anonymous said...

A major storm drain exits from East Bethesda neighborhood under the trail right at that construction entrance for the Purple Line on East West Hwy. I think it enters a stormwater soakaway at that point before it crosses East West Hwy and dumps into Coquelin Run...which itself crosses back under East-West Hwy at the bottom of the hill.

Anonymous said...

7:12 - Yes, it looks like that runs between the east end of Sleaford Road at Kentbury Drive and the start of Coquelin Run between East-West Highway and Maple Avenue.

Da Fuq is a 'soakaway'?

Anna said...

7:57AM - it's like a french drain. Puts runoff back into the ground instead of directing it to a drainage pipe.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation Anna, and I apologize for my mild vulgarity.

Probably the water is being re-directed away from this soakaway - following the very heavy rains of the past several months - so that the ground will be dry to allow for construction.

Roald said...

I love what Dyer is doing for us, and our city, with these reports!