Thursday, November 22, 2018

Sheriff threatens to evict Paisano's from Bethesda location

Happy Thanksgiving: Montgomery County Sheriff Darren M. Popkin has posted an official notice of eviction on the door of Paisano's pizzeria at 4914 Del Ray Avenue in downtown Bethesda. The pizzeria abruptly closed a few days ago.

Now the sheriff is threatening to serve the writ of eviction if the business does not pay rent and other charges owed to the landlord and courts. The warning is labeled as a "final notice to vacate premises."


Anonymous said...

Looks like your hero Trump thinks it's OK to murder journalists.

Your thoughts, Robbie?

Anna said...

More evidence that the rents are killing small business.

Anonymous said...

@Anna Wrong, it's proof that business owners need to know how to run a business. They signed a lease with specific payment terms. If it's too high, they should not have signed the lease.

If someone leases a BMW and gets it repossessed due to failure to make payments, is BMW to blame for being an expensive car?

Anna said...

@Anonymous 8:28AM, That may also be so, but the rents are unsustainable for most small businesses. I haven't worked with commercial leasing in many, many years but I remember incentives (and GAAP accounting for incentives.)