Monday, November 26, 2018

Westfield Montgomery Mall holiday decorations (Photos)

Santa Claus is in the house
at Montgomery Mall
Santa Claus himself was on hand for Black Friday as Westfield Montgomery Mall officially launched the holiday shopping season. Here are some of the Christmas decorations spotted around the mall.


Anonymous said...

They're Christmas decorations aren't they? There's no such thing as holiday decorations. If they aren't Christmas decorations than why is Santa there?

Anna said...

My friend named "Joy" takes pictures standing/sitting/pointing with the word joy in holiday decorations. She's done it her whole life. She has hundreds. :)

Anonymous said...

Silly 7:04 AM - Santa is not Jesus Christ, Our Precious Lord and Savio(u)r.

He is a bastardized version of St. Nicholas.

Anonymous said...

No one said Santa was Jesus. But Santa is a symbol of Christmas rather not a symbol of a generic holiday. Correct? The article mentions holiday decorations. I'm making the point and correctly, that they aren't holiday decorations they're Christmas decorations. Let's get that straight once and for all.

Anonymous said...

"Christmas" trees are Nordic pagan idols.