Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bethesda construction update: Shops of Wisconsin (Photos)

Douglas Development's revamp of its Shops of Wisconsin mall at 6831 Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Bethesda continues. Glassed-in structures have been constructed for a 6998 SF retail/restaurant space at ground level, and for an indoor escalator entrance. 

Pedestrian access from Wisconsin Avenue has also been modified and improved. There is currently 24,727 SF of space available on the center's first level. 

The Shops at Wisconsin is best known as the home of Trader Joe's, but Douglas is aiming to add new draws to bring additional traffic to the shopping center.
View of new retail/restaurant
space from Wisconsin Avenue
Future retail/restaurant space
that has been added at ground level
There would be patio seating
for diners out here, if it is
leased by a restaurant
This enclosure will protect
a new indoor escalator entry
Looking toward Wisconsin Avenue
from the Shops
Escalator entryway
Douglas Development logo
at upper left
Potential restaurant space
as seen from above
Pedestrian access from
Wisconsin Avenue
A new crosswalk and traffic
signals were recently
installed to make it safer
to reach the Shops across
Wisconsin Avenue at Stanford
Good night from the
Shops of Wisconsin


Anonymous said...

That place is a wasted space and Trader Joes will be leaving when they move up Wisconsin ave.

Anonymous said...

Are they doing something about parking? I can't even go to Trader Joes because I can't put my car anywhere. Now they want to add MORE?

Anonymous said...

I'd really like this to succeed. They have a good location in terms of free parking and the layout isn't too bad. I think the outdoor area could be put to good use.

I'm worried it's too much in a dead zone though, just like Villain & Saint and Pittze. Maybe if they brought in free live music on the plaza on weekends, like they do at Rockville Town Center and Silver Spring?

Surprised it's taken so long for this renovation -- it's been nearly 2 years!

G. Money said...

They should put a Sam Goody in there, that would really liven things up.

Anonymous said...

They have to address the parking issue. It is tough maneuvering anything bigger than a Smart car in that garage; especially the upper deck.

Anonymous said...

I applaud any effort to improve a dilapidated and poorly designed building but this feels a bit like lipstick on a pig.

Terrible parking garage. But free is fantastic.

Will Trader Joes definitely be leaving this spot for the JBG building if that ever gets built?

Ugly design before. The new facade isn't any better.

Sunken level and then a huge high wall on the side road isn't very inviting.

Anonymous said...

Should have sold and redeveloped the site. Someone would probably have built a new building faster than these folks took to renovate.

The next plan looks like it is allowing some height increases in this area. Seems like Chevy Chase is forsaking this area in their lobbying in hopes to prevent development at the parking lots.

Anonymous said...

There are 3 levels of parking. The roof level (Trader Joe's) is a mess. The other two levels are not bad. At worst, I always find parking on the lowest level.

Trader Joe's needs to move simply because they don't have enough space there. I was there last Saturday and it was difficult to even walk through the aisles, let alone get on the elevator once departing.

If TJ's does leave, they're going to have to get in a good anchor tenant though. What's there now isn't that big of a draw. There's the H&R Block tax place that's open 2 months of the year, then the cosmetic dentistry place that changed to emergency dentistry after cosmetic wasn't paying off. Then there's a bunch of kids' places like Kumon, Gymboree and the karate place. I think they should add one or two unique food offerings and that could help drive traffic.

If anyone remembers the old outdoor bar at the corner of Bethesda and Old Wisconsin (Tony Joe's I think?), that place used to do a great evening business in the summer. Maybe there's room for another place like that.

Anonymous said...

G Money, you need to quit living in the past. Sam Goody is extinct.

Anonymous said...

Someone's sarcasm meter is broken.

Anonymous said...

Crappy center and I can't stand Trader Joe's.

cargoplex said...

It never ends!

Anonymous said...

Tommy Joe's is on Montgomery Lane just east of Wisconsin Avenue. It's still there.

I love Trader Joe's but I hate that parking lot, and my car is small. I can't wait for their move north.

I don't understand what having that big pit in the middle of the site adds to it. And painting the building black made it uglier than it was before.

Anonymous said...

Move this historical place to Westbard where it can be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Montgomery Grill?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Montgomery Grill. They could make a place like that there. It seemed to do well back in its day.