Thursday, September 17, 2015

Norfolk Ave. convenience store rebrands in Bethesda (Photos)

Norfolk Mini Mart, a convenience store at 8006 Norfolk Avenue in downtown Bethesda, has rebranded and is planning to add new lunchtime food offerings in the near future.

Now known as Your's Mini Mart, the window is showing a couple of Pakistani/Indian rice dishes with chicken or vegetarian-style it promises are "coming soon."


Anonymous said...

No comment on the atrocious grammar in the sign?

Stupid Captcha thinks that bagels are "doughnuts".

Andrew said...

I can't believe you didn't put quotes around the name or a [sic] after it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the owner's name is Your.

Anonymous said...

I wondered about that. If that's true, he should change the spelling to "Yur" or "Yoor" to avoid this problem.

But, isn't this Dyer's job to ask such questions?

Anonymous said...

Terrible name but best wishes for them to do well.

Unknown said...

owners may change the name if you have any better suggestions..
they are trying to bring some more items for the convenience of the locals
and i believe they are trying to prioritize consumer demands,thanks for the observations