Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tropical Smoothie Cafe coming to Bethesda

Tropical Smoothie Café is opening a downtown Bethesda location. The better-for-you smoothie chain has locations in Northern Virginia and central/southern Maryland, and is rapidly expanding in the Southern and Western U.S. It recently was named the 7th fastest-growing restaurant chain by Nation's Restaurant News.

Tropical Smoothie will take over the former Panas Gourmet space at 4731-A Elm Street. Meaning it will compete with Smoothie King about a block away on Bethesda Avenue.

Boasting micro ingredient tracking that traces the path of each food product used in the restaurant back to its supplier or farm, Tropical Smoothie touts smoothies with beets blended in, and chia seeds as a brain-boosting add-in. They currently are offering pumpkin spice and spiced pear smoothies for fall, so expect limited-time flavors on the menu.

That menu also includes bowls, tacos, wraps, flatbread sandwiches, breakfast wraps and fresh fruit. You can't have too many breakfast options in downtown Bethesda, that's for sure.


G. Money said...

That's unfortunate, another chain competing with Purée, which is a truly local business with a nice (if pricey) product. At least Panas had something you can't already get a block away.

Anonymous said...

I know I am niche market as a vegetarian but I am sort of excited to have more fast options in Bethesda other than hummus and bean burritos.

Plus this place looks to be less health focused than puree. No use of the "cleanse" (ick) on their menu.

Flynn said...

Hope they can survive in that spot. Really wish FRIT would go ahead with their parking lot replacement building to help bring business around that corner (and closer to Wisconsin). Around Jaleo and those loading docks and parking entrances just kill it. Especially since the theater building is just a wall until the corner of Wisconsin and Elm.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day, the theater (still United Artists at the time), used to have posters and TV displays along that part of the Apex building. For some reason, those display windows are just empty now.

Anonymous said...

Even those posters would go a long way to help that block and make the connection from the theater to the row.