Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fair warning: MoCo Police to crack down on cellphone use while driving in Bethesda

Montgomery County Police 2nd District commander David Falcinelli says officers will be conducting special operations against drivers using cellphones on Bethesda roads in the coming days and weeks. Two such enforcement operations recently conducted on River Road resulted in over 50 warnings and citations, Falcinelli reported.

Some potential roads where the cell phone crackdown may occur include Old Georgetown Road, Wisconsin Avenue/Rockville Pike and Connecticut Avenue. Perhaps not surprisingly, Falcinelli said the department has identified intersections on those routes as the most dangerous in the 2nd District. One of the causes of accidents on those roads has been distracted driving, Falcinelli said. That is the primary motivation behind the new efforts to enforce Maryland's cell phone laws, summarized below in this image from a new MCPD brochure:

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Anonymous said...

Good, it's about time. Nothing worse then driving behind someone straddling the center of Bradley.