Monday, September 28, 2015

Wendy's is coming to Walter Reed campus in Bethesda

Good news for those who work and live at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center - it's going to be a lot easier to get a Baconator. Wendy's is opening a new restaurant at the Naval Support Activity base in Bethesda.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, to my knowledge, it won't be readily accessible to the general public. Prior to the opening of the River Road McDonald's, the old "Naval Base McDonald's" was the only drive-thru McDonald's in town. I used to go there often, but the base was (understandably) sealed off behind security after 9/11, making it a challenge for civilians to patronize businesses there.


Anonymous said...

"I'll leave you, dear readers with the blurriest picture of fast food I could find."

Anonymous said...

6:49 AM;
That's what happens when you rely on mommy's old Trac phone to do your work.

Anonymous said...

Such excitement for fast food. Too bad it's not available to those of us outside the gate. I could go for a local Chic Filet