Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fall menu at Taylor Gourmet at Bethesda Row (Photos)

You've had lots of mozzarella sticks, but Taylor Gourmet has just introduced mozzarella wedges as part of their new Fall Menu. Other additions include 6 new hoagies, 4 new salads, Wild Mushroom Mozzarella Risotto Balls with Parmesan dipping sauce, and 2 new sides: Butternut Squash salad and Barley Salad.

See the full Fall menu on their website.

Taylor Gourmet
7280 Woodmont Avenue
(301) 951-9001

Photos courtesy Taylor Gourmet


Anonymous said...

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Robert Dyer said...

9:12: Nope, helping local business for free since 2006, punk.

Anonymous said...

I have one thing to say about those mozzarella sticks. GET IN MAH BELLEH!

Unknown said...

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