Friday, October 21, 2016

Bethesda construction update: Cheval Bethesda ultra-luxury condo tower (Photos)

The future Cheval Bethesda ultra-luxury condo tower is about 4 stories above street level now. These are primary the garage levels that will separate the ground floor from the residential units above the garage. The Cheval is located at the corner of Fairmont Avenue and Old Georgetown Road.

Duball, LLC is the developer of Cheval Bethesda. The 17-story tower will house 72 condo units, and 7000 SF of non-residential space. Prices will be in the ultra-luxury tier: From the $900,000s to over $2.5 million. Delivery is expected next year.

About 400 potential buyers showed up to a sales launch event for the Cheval last month.
Looking north along
Old Georgetown Road

That's what will be the
garage ramp in the
foreground behind the


Anonymous said...

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Bethesda now like inner DC Prince George's ugh

Anonymous said...

Its 12:05am and I'm trolling you dyer. The MoCo Machine - we don't sleep. We don't stop. We are everywhere. You can never beat us.