Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ministry hosting grand opening party Thursday at Bethesda Row

A day after reporting that Ministry would likely open at 4823 Bethesda Avenue later next week, I have received word that the store - which the functional businesswear chain refers to as its Bethesda Work/Shop - will be hosting what is, so far, an RSVP-only grand opening party on Thursday, October 27, from 7:00-10:00 PM. Appetizers and drinks will be served, and the company's product lines for men and women will be on display.

How to get invited? That's where it gets interesting. I would recommend signing up for their email list, and see if they email you an invite. Secondly, watch your Facebook feed for a "Sponsored" post from Ministry that has a link to RSVP. However, after seeing that ad go by in the feed, I cannot access that sponsored post from Ministry Apparel from their Facebook page, or via Facebook search.

Good luck! And stay tuned for more information as I get it.


Anonymous said...

Its 4:41pm on a Sunday and I'm trolling you dyer. The MoCo Machine - we don't sleep. We don't stop. We are everywhere. You can never beat us.

Anonymous said...

1:41PM You're still thinking about Robert Dyer.