Monday, October 24, 2016

Proposed downtown Bethesda church/apartment combo development seeks approval this week

View of the development
from Rugby Avenue
The long and winding road to redevelop 8015 Old Georgetown Road at the edge of downtown Bethesda goes directly through the Montgomery County Planning Board on Thursday. Christ Lutheran Church is proposing to demolish its existing church building, and replace it with a new church, a community center, and a residential building with 107 units on the same site.

Planning staff are recommending approval of the redevelopment, with conditions. Among the conditions is a requirement that the development include the following recreational amenities: picnic/sitting areas, a multipurpose court, pedestrian system, a swimming pool and an indoor fitness facility. They are also asking for 15% affordable units; 12.5% is the percentage mandated by Montgomery County.

No direct vehicular access to the development will be allowed from Rugby Avenue under the plan.

Rendering via Montgomery County Planning Department


Anonymous said...

Will Dyer give us a review of the Soup Kitchen there?

Anonymous said...

Make 'em expensive!!!

#PriceDyerOuttaBethesda #MakeBethesdaSafeAgain

Anonymous said...

Bethesda in free fall.

Anonymous said...

We need to drain the filthy, corrupt MOCO political swamp and Make MOCO Great Again!

Anonymous said...

Bethesda's greatest days are far behind it. Only one man really could right the ship.

Robert Dyer said...

"I alone can fix it."

Anonymous said...

7:09 AM, 7:14 AM are why I'm on the fence about legalizing drugs. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, steve.