Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bethesda construction update: Solaire Bethesda luxury apartments (Photos)

The lobby doors are installed at the new Solaire Bethesda luxury apartments, complete with branding buzz phrase, "A Flair for Living," stenciled onto the glass. Build-out of the lobby itself is underway, as is construction of the Bethesda-streetscape-standard sidewalk around the new development.

The Solaire Bethesda will have 139 units, and a True Food Kitchen restaurant on the ground floor. Scheduled for delivery in the coming weeks, the Solaire's developer is Washington Property Company.

Although the property was addressed as 7100 Wisconsin Avenue when it was Eastham's Exxon, it's interesting that they have changed the address to 7077 Woodmont Avenue.


Anonymous said...

No reason given for why the number was changed? Perhaps they plan on having a clandestine gambling den in there, with all those lucky 7's.

Did you try to contact anyone, to find out?


Anonymous said...

7:46am Call off your investigation. The front door is on Woodmont. It's not a big conspiracy against you.

Anonymous said...

They couldn't build an entrance on Wisconsin, so everyone has to enter through the freight entrance/poor door.

Robert Dyer said...

7:46: I'm the only outlet in town that has published an investigative report - several, including exposing an underground fuel spill that had been covered up.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome view of the Crescent Plaza. I hear there's a sweet young thing on the 5th floor who likes to leave her shades up.

Anonymous said...

The building has two entrances; one is on Wisconsin and one is on Woodmont. The apartment entrance is 7077 Woodmont but the restaurant will be 7100 Wisconsin.