Saturday, May 06, 2017

Bethesda construction update: Buredo (Photos)

The opening of the new Buredo location at the Wildwood Shopping Center has long been scheduled for this Spring. It looks like they're still in the very early stage of construction, though. They technically have until 12:24 AM on June 21, so it's certainly within the realm of reason for them to still have a Spring opening in Bethesda.

If you've forgotten already, Buredo serves oversize seaweed-wrapped sushi burritos. It will be interesting to see if the line is out the door when they open, as it was in the District.


Anonymous said...

Worst addition to Wildwood. Sounds absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

"If you've forgotten already, Buredo serves oversize seaweed-wrapped sushi burritos."

This is NOT sponsored content.

But if it is, they should fire you.

Robert Dyer said...

Shut up, idiot.

Rhett Mitter said...

They're delicious. I used to have lunch there all the time when I worked near Metro Center

Anonymous said...

Buredo announced their opening way in advance to shut down plans by Maki Shop, (D.C. sushi restaurant known for its creatively stuffed hand rolls) to open across the street at Georgetown Square Shopping Center.

The competition between FRT, Westfield and Georgetown Square is heating up.