Monday, May 22, 2017

Plaza-to-bus bays escalator out at Bethesda Metro station (Photos)

Oh, no, not again! "Give us $15 billion more" WMATA can't even keep the often-repaired escalator between street level and the bus bays at the Bethesda Metro center operating. Metro says the escalator is expected to be back in service by Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

When is the Bethesda Metro Garage/Bus Bay going to be fixed/sealed so that water doesn't leak and drip through every time it rains?

It seems like the Bus Bay level is about to collapse from all the water damage to the internal structure.

Robert: Can you raise some hell about this?

Anonymous said...

How do other outdoor elevators around the country or world do? It seems WMATA elevators are always out.

Anonymous said...

@5:05 Hey Pinhead its the ESCALATORS not elevators that have a problem. Read and get your facts straight before opening your mouth.