Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Relocating to Bethesda [Sponsored]

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by Robert Dyer

The booming residential construction market has a lot of people moving to Bethesda. Are you one of them? I hope you'll find this site useful for keeping up with the news all over town. But, first, you have to move into your new home. Before you search the Yellow Pages for movers in Bethesda, MD, or rent a truck and try to do it yourself, sit down and consider your specific needs. Those are often dictated by the type of home you are moving into, and your personal situation.

A young college graduate may find herself shut out of expensive housing in Bethesda, or face a complicated application process for the few affordable housing units on the market. One work-around is to check local listings for Bethesda condos being rented by their owners. Many of the buildings aren't that old, and are closer to the Metro than the older apartments on the edges of town. Some will overcharge for rent, but with persistence, you will find a good deal.

But this may be your first real move. Having the right packing materials the professionals would use - or having professionals pack and unpack for you - would go a long way toward avoiding stress and unpleasant surprises. Artisan Movers offers both.
Luxury home under construction
on Rugby Avenue in Bethesda
Maybe you're a little farther along in your career and life. D.C. was hot for young professionals a few years ago. Now that they are starting families, they're moving in search of better schools in the suburbs. Custom-built homes are ubiquitous around Bethesda, popping up in established desirable neighborhoods.

Having all those extra rooms, and needing to furnish them, can complicate your move. The experienced professionals at Artisan Movers will ensure the right things end up in the right rooms, exactly where you want them. Even better, you can have them unpack for you. And if your job is moving with you, Artisan Movers handles office relocations, as well.
The Cheval Bethesda condo
tower rising over
Old Georgetown Road
But what if you're saying farewell to your office forever? Retirement, and finding that large home getting a bit too big to handle, leads many to downsize to walkable, urban living. Bethesda might look better from a penthouse in the town's tallest condo tower, the Cheval Bethesda, currently under construction near Metro, restaurants and shopping. Or perhaps you'd prefer having a 24-hour Harris Teeter directly across the street, as you could have at the Stonehall Bethesda?

Downsizing means getting rid of things. And you've likely accumulated a lot of stuff over the decades. But some of it is important, and you may not have the time to sort through it all right now. Artisan Movers to the rescue: They offer climate-controlled, secure storage options, allowing you to downsize at your own pace.

Artisan Movers is a local company, not an impersonal nationwide chain. They have a perfect 5-star rating on Yelp, where one customer raves: "I give Artisan Movers a huge round of applause. I would use them again, and recommend Artisan Movers!" Once you consider your individual situation, you may just conclude that Artisan Movers is the right move for you.

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