Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Westfield Montgomery Mall is "in bloom" with new garden attraction (Photos)

The scent of Spring is in the air in the Nordstrom wing of Westfield Montgomery Mall - literally. Montgomery In Bloom, a new "living storybook" garden attraction runs almost the entire length of the wing, from Lily Pulitzer down towards Nordstrom's coffee bar area. Hidden behind its hedges are floral arrangements, garden creatures, multiple seating areas and - if you visit at the right time - free treats like floral teas and macarons.
The exhibit will remain in place through June 26, and as a static display, can be enjoyed at all times. However, there will be special events and product demonstrations on the busier Wednesday-Saturday nights, and Sunday afternoons. You might sample a saffron tea, participate in a yoga class or Wednesday Paint Night, or check out Vera Bradley luggage you need for that vacation this summer. See the full Montgomery in Bloom schedule on the mall's website.
This is the first time Westfield has experimented with this concept anywhere in the world. A successful run here could mean it will be tried elsewhere, but Westfield marketing representatives said yesterday that this display is carefully-tailored to the audience for this specific mall. Some of the plants are real, and some are artificial, with the latter employed to ensure the exhibit lasts through late June.
Tag your photos in and around the garden with the hashtag, #MontgomeryInBloom, so Westfield can see and possibly share them online. To register for the Montgomery In Bloom Paint Night events, click here.

Fashion by Lily Pulitzer

The display is accessible to
the disabled, as this
patron found while taking
a wheelchair tour

Hashtag your selfies with

Sample a floral tea
from David's Tea

...or a macaron from
Olivia Macaron



Anonymous said...

This is great. Now we have something to hide behind when those people chase us down and try and hard-sell us those washing salts.

Anonymous said...

Being reclaimed by nature, just like Detroit.

Also, why are there only two stories showing on the home page this morning?

Elon Musk of Bethesda said...

Don't let this distract you that tastee diner has not been sold!

Anonymous said...

#rearranging the deck chairs

nice that they got a deal on some left over Easter decorations I guess...

Anonymous said...

49 pictures?



Anonymous said...

Moving the fun stuff to the back pages?

Robert Dyer said...

8:01: The only reason it won't be sold is if the Woodmont Grill won't sell.

Anonymous said...

quotes from the tastee diner article:
"Tastee Diner agrees to sell, will be acquired for Marriott HQ site in Bethesda"
" Tastee Diner has agreed to sell the venerable restaurant's property"
"Tastee Diner has reportedly agreed to sell for $7 million."
"Robert Dyer said...I'm standing by my report."
"But, unless you have sources as I did in this case, you're not going to get a confirmation of a sale in April 2017. Understandably, if you don't have sources you'll want to naively cling to any denial that appears to disprove my scoop."
"I haven't made a mistake."
"You must be pretty gullible to fall for whatever a press release says"

Anonymous said...

Did schilling fake the bloody sock?

Anonymous said...

totally faked. it was bought anonymously (for $90k +) and whisked away from the public scrutiny. claims that now the blood has turned brown can easily be explained by that "anonymous purchaser" putting blood on it before it could be tested.

in reality it was covered in more ketchup than a Tastee diner burger (which you will be able to enjoy for the next 10 yrs since they didnt sell to marriott)

Anonymous said...

You look like a fuckin mall cop Paul Blart PAB Dyer loser

Anonymous said...

Robert please make the pic of you and the giraffe your campaign pic. Pleaseeeee

Anonymous said...

Gahhhh, what is wrong with your body. That is not natural.