Thursday, May 25, 2017

One downtown Bethesda hair salon closes, another opens

Golden Crown Hair Design on Norfolk Avenue has closed, and the space is cleared out. A new hair salon is just getting started over at the Peripoint Building at 5001 Wilson Lane. I believe Salon Gerard has already been taking clients, but the sign was installed Tuesday evening. They finally took down the signs for Soup Up, which closed in that space quite a while back.


Anna Van Horn said...

This may be the perfect type of business for the oddities of the building.

At least, better than soup.

Blue whale fart bubbles are large enough to enclose a horse.

Anonymous said...

I feel like Anna's fun fact of the day really relates to this blog's author

Anonymous said...

That peripoint building is a tough draw for tenants, no parking on site and you have to cross Old Georgetown to get there from the closest parking garage. These tenants are set up to fail.

Roald said...

Soup Up didn't do a good job marketing themselves. Other than the signs, I never heard much about them.

Anonymous said...

You should visit them to see if they can do anything with that ponytail Robby.

Anonymous said...

Dyer keeps deleting comments which note that the closed Golden Crown Hair Design is on Cheltenham, not Norfolk.

Robert Dyer said...

10:35: Look at Google maps, which says that block is Norfolk Avenue. Who do you believe, an anonymous cowardly troll not man enough to use his real name, or Google Maps?

Anonymous said...

Censorship at its finest right here, folks

Anonymous said...

Dyer @ 11:33 AM - I will believe my own lying eyes, which tell me that the address of the former business is 4811 Cheltenham.

Anonymous said...

Maryland Business Search turns up-

The Elon Musk of Bethesda said...

Dyer, shitting on Google News being corrupt and everyone needs to stop using Google since you can buy stuff off, then attempts to use Google as a source. So which is it? Is Google trying that corrupt and untrustworthy, or is Google a trustworthy source when it agrees with you?

Barwood Sucks said...

12:41pm spends too much time thinking about Dyer's business. What a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Nearly a day later, and Dyer still hasn't corrected the street name.

Anonymous said...

From USPS:
1)You entered:


Unfortunately, this address wasn't found.
Please double-check it and try again.

2) You entered:

Here's the full address, using standard abbreviations and formatting.

BETHESDA MD 20814-6017

I'm going with Cheltenham :) :) :)