Monday, July 24, 2017

Bethesda Avenue resurfacing begins...but cars get in the way (Photos)

Flagman directs traffic,
as a police officer discusses
what to do with ownerless
Zipcars left on the street
Resurfacing of Bethesda Avenue between Arlington Road and Woodmont Avenue got started a week late last night, and it was a rough start indeed. A crew arrived expecting to get started, only to find expensive Porsches and Mercedes Benzes parked along the street despite parking meter covers warning of nighttime road work.
Zipcars posed a dilemma for
road workers needing to clear
the street
An additional problem was posed by ownerless Zipcars parked in front of Barnes and Noble. A worker conferred for some time with a Montgomery County police officer about how to handle the situation. Not willing to wait all night, men began to cut at the road with a massive saw.


Mercedes Benz - look at the condition
of that road: terrible for such a
high-end shopping district


Anonymous said...

Tow and ticket the illegally parked cars?

I'm surprised there is no standard procedure for zipcar.

Anonymous said...

"look at the condition of that road: terrible for such a high-end shopping district"

They're fixing it, but Dyer just has to clutch his pearls one last time.

Anonymous said...

How did the construction go Monday and Tuesday nights?

Anonymous said...

the comment is okay. someone loling at it isn't.

Rule #26 - No laughing.