Saturday, July 22, 2017

Urban Country Designs expands at Bethesda Row

Urban Country Designs, as expected, has expanded into the former City Sports space next door to them at 7121 Arlington Road at Bethesda Row. The furniture retailer and interior design studio put the extra space to use this week for a pop-up warehouse sale.


Bill Castner said...

The post above this one, "zzzzzzzMontgomery County locks residents out of "open data" on crime", is BS. I had no issue accessing the site without any request for a login.

The site notes that for today's report on arrests, it was accessed:


So I am far from alone having no issues accessing the site.

Anonymous said...

On an article in which Robert Dyer wrings his hands over being "locked out" of the County crime reports, Dyer locks his readers out of the comments. What a hypotwit.

Anonymous said...

"For the last 3 days, any attempt to review crime data on the Montgomery County Open Data website has resulted in [the dog eating my homework]."

OK, that's three days, but it's been a week since your last crime report. What happened on the other four days?

And is this all there is to your crime reports? Just copying and pasting from the County website? I'll just go there myself and cut out the middlemanbaby.

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that a one day Views count of 38.6K versus Dyer's blog of a Monthly total views of 20K, is an absolute bodyslam of Dyer in Views.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dyer states: "Another "open data" debacle for County Councilmember Hans Riemer."

You just could not help yourself from one more silly slam of Hans Riemer.

It just amazes me how oblivious you are to your future prospects as an At-Large-Council candidate. Do you really believe your attack on Riemer over access to crime data is a compelling attack?

Your Riemer attacks sum up to a big "nothing burger"

Anonymous said...

Since the county already knows you pull your crime data from the information you provide, would it be so difficult to create an account? Not a fan of what the county is doing, but I really appreciate your crime reports.

Anonymous said...

@12:49 PM - "... would it be so difficult to create an account?"

Of course not.

I honestly cannot replicate Dyer's experience.

But even if true, creating a login account is a common and trivial thing to do.

But that would not fit Bobby's anti-Council narrative. Sad.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see Urban Country expanding. I'd love to have seen a Crate & Barrel in the Barnes & Noble space.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Robert Dyer thinks that creating a poisonous relationship between him and the next Council President will ensure his success if he is elected to the Council.

Bill Castner said...

Somehow, today alone, 38,000 views of Montgomery Open Data Crime statistics were made. Except by Bobby Dyer.

Somehow this is supposed to indict Hans Riemer and the County Open Data initiative.

Somehow this is supposed to buttress the belief that County computer operations would improve dramatically under Bobby Dyer.

This from a guy who cannot figure out how to set the timestamp on posts to the Eastern Time Zone.

Anonymous said...

2:34 PM I don't know anything about crime statistics, but the county's data initiatives are nothing to tout looking at them from my perspective in the private sector. The county, apparently, has a terrible lack of expertise in data governance given the way resident's data has been handled.

If Dyer joins the Council, I'd urge him to create a senior level position focused strictly on data governance issues.

Anonymous said...

3:43 - Why wait for something that's at least a year and a half away, and most likely will never happen? Just contact your Councilmen now and explain to them what you believe needs to be done.

Bill Castner said...

@3:43 PM - I am not sure what "data governance issues" might mean.

Is your concern privacy issues, availability of data, reliability of existing data, omissions in the data set?

I am having a problem trying to figure out what a "senior level position focused strictly on data governance issues." might mean.

Anonymous said...

Robert Dyer @ Bethesda Row - average of 3 articles per day.

EastMoCo - 5 articles a week, none on Saturdays or Sundays; 1-2 of these 5 are recycled from RD@BR.

RockvilleNights - 5 articles a week, none on Saturdays or Sundays; 1-2 of these 5 are recycled from RD@BR.

SamEig - average of 2 articles a month, average of 1.5 articles recycled from RD@BR.

Seems like it would be more efficient to run them all as one blog with an average of 4 articles per day.

Robert Dyer said...

11:16: BS. All I get is a login screen. Crime stats are not on any of the menus (look for yourself) and a search for "crime" returns zero results. Unless I've been locked out of it for political reasons, which would be a big local news story.

Robert Dyer said...

1:02: Wait a minute - either you had to log in, or you didn't. Did you log in to see the crime stats you supposedly saw today?

Robert Dyer said...

4:29: The news determines the number of articles per day; I don't post filler like the small and slightly-failing magazine.

Part of the success of Suburban News Network has been the hyperlocal focus of each site. People who live in Long Branch don't give a rat's ass what the Rockville City Council voted on last night.

First imitators copied my hyperlocal news format, and I predict next you'll witness duplication of my innovative network concept. Meanwhile, I'll be on to the next innovation.

Robert Dyer said...

2:29: Actually Hans Riemer is the one who tried to get involved in the hyperlocal news market in Montgomery County, to try to divert voters being woke by my reports to safe propaganda alternatives. Local media's refusal to report or investigate Riemer's varying scandals and resume inflation and Wall Street-bankrolled Podunk Junction Council campaign require me to step up and provide that journalism.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't comments permitted on the crime posts? (Or the meta-crime post, for that matter.)

Anonymous said...

Just confirmed Mr. Castner's assertion for myself by accessing today's crime data (now approaching 39k views).

Anonymous said...

The Network effect is powerful! A lot of breaking news across the Network this past week.

Anonymous said...

"The news determines the number of articles per day; I don't post filler like the small and slightly-failing magazine."

I checked your archives for RockvilleNights going back six weeks. With only one exception (two articles on June 19), you have exactly one article each weekday, no articles on weekends. Between one and two articles out of every five are material from @ Bethesda Row. So it certainly seems like you have a self-imposed quota.

Skippy said...

"Welcome interns
.. I mandate you to write 6 articles a day." Translates to = A lot of filler, county press releases, etc.

Anonymous said...

Here are yesterday's articles on Bethesda Beat:

"Wall Menswear and Tailoring Shop Moving in to Bethesda Row"

"Principal Shows Off New Silver Creek Middle in Kensington"

"Police Blotter: Dozens of Thefts from Cars Across County; Office Burglaries in Bethesda and Rockville"

"Ourisman Garage Dispute Moves Toward Resolution as Planners Give Nod to Trail Proposal"

"Did You Know? 77 percent of Montgomery College graduates stay in Montgomery County filling crucial jobs and contributing to our local economy."

"TacoArepa Announced as Roche Brothers’ Next Bethesda Restaurant"

"Jonathan Shurberg—Election Law Attorney, Candidate and Political Blogger—Dies at 54"

"County Police Report Rising 911 Response Times; Gaithersburg Firm Acquires Anthrax Drug"

Eight in all. Which ones would you call "filler", "Skippy"?

Anonymous said...

I don't think they are the same person, 9:49PM. Recently, during the day there have been posts that you just know will get deleted when Dyer sees them and at the same time, Skippy has posted. If Skippy WAS Dyer, you'd think he'd delete the posts while posting his Skippy comment. So I'm going with family and/or friend.

Robert Dyer said...

7:26: All the important stories were rehashes of mine published hours or days earlier - Read Wall, Ourisman, TacoArepa. The other 70% of the stories were filler in that they had nothing to do with Bethesda. Baba Booey.

Robert Dyer said...

6:13: And just how did you confirm Mr. Castner's assertion - what is the exact URL or way in which you are accessing the crime data? All I get is a login screen where the stats used to be.

It's either a glitch you're covering for, or I've been blocked by County officials for political reasons, which would take it from a glitch to a scandal.

7:03: A guy spending his Saturday night checking the archives - just the kind of loser who would support Helpless Hans Riemer.

Bill Castner said...

I googled "montgomery county socrata"
I chose from the results ""
From the icon menu I chose "Public Safety"
Which yields:

Anonymous said...

and your relentless inquiries into the shenanigans of the county council make you what then?

Robert Dyer said...

8:00: OK, I've done that, but what do I do once I'm on "Public Safety?"

There are 42 results on the list, but crime isn't among them.

There are lists of people arrested, and traffic citations issued, but not the daily crime incident data.

8:03: A journalist.

Anonymous said...

Nah, I think what he's used to getting is the "Crime" option in the google results under data montgomery. Click it and it takes you to a socrata login page.

Not having seen what it looks likem I'm guessing it was a dataset of the combined violations in one place.

Did you try logging in? Is the crime incident data available?

Anonymous said...

5:11 should read "not fewer than 6." Was trying to incorporate Helpful Hans' now-deleted analysis from this afternoon.

Robert Dyer said...

8:52: Yes, glad you are seeing the same thing. No, login does not solve the problem. It then says "user is not allowed to access," or something similar.

You can see arrest records and traffic tickets issued, but not the 911 crime incident data.

Anonymous said...

I commented on another thread, but I'll put it hare too.
Did you check this morning? The old "crime" link is gone. They must have "updated" or some such nonsense. I've been having the same type issued with the USDA. They take down reports without realizing how much they are used by the public and other agencies.

Have you checked with them?

Anonymous said...

crap. hare=here. sorry.

Anonymous said...

double crap. issued = issue. no more typing for me.

Robert Dyer said...

7:09: Can you find any "webmaster" or contact info for whoever operates the open data site? I can't. I will certainly file a complaint if I do find one, or someone can point me in the right direction.

What department is in charge of the site? Public Information?

I checked and it's still not working for me. If the County has ceased publishing crime data, that will be a huge story.

#MS13 #gangs

Anonymous said...

Have you tried calling 311? They might be able to direct you.

They're changing a few things on the site, I wonder if it's a glitch? The 911 fire incidents still have a listing.