Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Mark Keshishian & Sons moving to Rockville

Mark Keshishian & Sons, a 110-year-old business currently located at 4507 Stanford Street in Bethesda (officially Chevy Chase), is moving to Rockville. Their new address will be 12264-D Wilkins Avenue. The Oriental rugs and carpet store says they expect to complete the move by late July.


Anonymous said...

I wish all of Robert Dyer's articles were like this one. All of the relevant information and no irrelevant opinion or speculation, accompanied by a single concise paragraph, accompanied by a single photograph of the subject, avoiding the temptation to oversaturate the colors.

Anonymous said...

First instance of "accompanied by" should be "in".

Anonymous said...

the composition of this photo is worse than usual but i agree thank you Robert for not using the HDR setting or going crazy in LightRoom!

Robert Dyer said...

5:33: Photo is centered on the business, has two trucks at the bottom creating contrast with the static storefront. No clue how you're claiming "bad composition" on this.

Anonymous said...

Did they rent that space? Own the space? Their lot was rented for parking too.

Anonymous said...

5:30 AM,

Quotation marks: Periods and commas go inside quote marks: “‘Reginald, your hairstyle makes me nervous,’ she said.” -from Journalistresource.org

5:33 AM,

Reading that sentence is grammarially like finding a skeleton of early man; there are traces of grammar awareness throughout.

Hope you have a great day, Robert.

Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't realize they've been around that long. Is the business still in the family?

What's the oldest business in Bethesda? The funeral home on Wisconsin maybe?

Dyer: Thanks for reporting the facts and not bringing Riemer or the Council into it.