Saturday, January 06, 2018

Firefighters investigating black smoke at Highland House in Friendship Heights

Montgomery County firefighters are responding to a report of black smoke coming from the roof of the Highland House apartments in Chevy Chase. Firefighters searching the basement, top floor and roof, and examining the building from the rear, both said there was "nothing evident," according to scanner reports. Further examination of a rooftop boiler indicated a malfunctioning unit, that was emitting black smoke. Firefighters will now check all stairwells, after confirming there was no smoke or fire on the 24th floor below the roof.

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Anna said...

Why close comments on the Quincy's story?

"Montgomery County Council President Hans Riemer's disastrous "nighttime economy" initiative ended up destroying the nighttime economy in downtown Bethesda."

What all exactly did the "initiative" do to destroy it? What actions were undertaken that caused the destruction?
Reading their task force summary, it's very similar to night-time economic plans for many other American cities. Furthermore, so many people were involved from all aspects of business, it seems silly to attach it all to one man.