Sunday, January 07, 2018

One Burger at Community closes in Bethesda (Photos)

After holding on another two months with a slimmer menu and focus on high-quality hamburgers, One Burger at Community has closed. The Mark Bucher establishment began life as Community, an all-day, upscale diner concept in the new 7770 Norfolk luxury apartment tower. It seemed to draw crowds well enough, but dropped hours and many menu items at the start of November last year.

Bucher's other popular venture in the same building, Medium Rare, was open and packing them in Friday. Meanwhile, One Burger at Community was dark to begin the day. A sign blamed weather-related water problems. By early evening, however, Community had announced "we have closed" on their Facebook page.

While the specific cause of the closure has not been announced publicly, I must note Community is the 13th restaurant/bar with a late-night focus to close in downtown Bethesda since Montgomery County Council Hans Riemer's failed "nighttime economy" initiative.

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