Friday, January 05, 2018

Water main breaks continue, causing icy roadways in downtown Bethesda (Video+Photos)

There is good news and bad news on the water main breaks in downtown Bethesda. First, the good news: The WSSC has finally gotten to that steady water main leak on Bradley Boulevard near Wisconsin Avenue.
Westbound Bradley Boulevard near
Strathmore Street was slick with ice

WSSC crew working on the Bradley Boulevard
water main break last night
The bad news: there were at least two other water main breaks active last night, an existing one on Cordell Avenue, and a new one on Wisconsin Avenue near the Marriott headquarters construction site. While fresh running water continued to flow from the leaks, standing water rapidly froze in the parking lanes on both roads.
Cordell Avenue between
Old Georgetown Road and
Norfolk Avenue

Ice in the parking lane

But the ice didn't dissuade some
from still using the parking spaces

Wisconsin Avenue - very dangerous

A cone is not enough to prevent a
major spinout here, which could
cause a car to jump the curb
and strike pedestrians

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