Saturday, January 13, 2018

Pepco power grid problems continue in west Bethesda

Seventeen hours after a power outage in the River Road corridor of west Bethesda, a second blackout occurred in the same area. Friday night, shortly after 8:00 PM, a power outage darkened traffic signals and all commercial businesses except McDonald's on River between Ridgefield Road and Landy Lane. About two minutes later, power was restored.

Because the outage was so brief, and I was driving at the moment, I was unable to use the Pepco outage map to confirm if the same nearby homes were also affected this time. Once again, there was no bad weather or wind in the area when the failure occurred, suggesting something is wrong with Pepco's power grid in that area.


Terpsucka said...

You really need to get yourselves a new hobby. Your obsession is unhealthy.

Anna said...

Stock photo.