Friday, January 05, 2018

Unshoveled sidewalk at 7900 Wisconsin a hazard for Bethesda pedestrians

The sidewalk in front of the construction site at 7900 Wisconsin Avenue presented a slip risk to pedestrians as late as last night. Sidewalks along Wisconsin on either side of the site were shoveled, making the stretch in front of 7900 stand out. Accumulation was low, but with the hard freeze, could easily cause someone to fall between now and Monday. The property owner is technically in compliance with the sidewalk shoveling law if the snow is removed by the 24th hour after snow stopped falling Thursday, however.


Anonymous said...

Did you call 311?

Did you clear your own sidewalk?

Anonymous said...

6:59 AM Did you get much snow in Frederick?

Anonymous said...

I think the county recommends calling 311 to report unshoveled sidewalks.