Wednesday, September 02, 2015

B|Bop|Q Korean Fusion Eatery coming to Bethesda (Photos)

Westfield Montgomery Mall is beefing up its selection of Asian cuisine, as its Dining Terrace continues to diversify with new ethnic dining choices. B|Bop|Q (or B Bop Q, without the lines the restaurant includes in its name), will bring traditional Korean bibimbap into the Chipotle American future with wraps, tacos and bowls.

In the Cava Mezze Grill/ShopHouse era, you know the drill by now: Choose a starch (rice or japchae), add a protein or vegetable (beef, chicken, pork, tofu, kimchi, arugula, edamame, to name a few), and then add their signature spicy sauce or sesame soy sauce.

But wait, there's more. You can put that in a taco or wrap instead of a bowl.

Still more: How about crispy wings or chicken strips, Bonchon fans? And 6 dipping sauces to go with  them?

For side dishes, choose from soup or dumplings.

B|Bop|Q plans to open in Bethesda in November. This will be its first location in America, with more to follow in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Honolulu. Make sure to remind your friends in the Golden State that you'll be trying B|Bop|Q before them.

In a show of the mall's increasing diversity, and Montgomery County's significant Asian population, the restaurant will be across from the future Shanghai 66 Innovation Kitchen, near Macy's Home Store on Level 2.

Meanwhile, in other mall dining news, Grill Kabob is temporarily closed but promises it is "reopening soon."


Anonymous said...

I searched for a website for "B|Bop|Q", but only found "BIBIBOP", do you know if these are the same?

Robert Dyer said...

7:32: I don't think so. A Google search didn't produce a website for this. I saw some unrelated websites.

Anonymous said...

I found it, their website is called . You have to google search "b bop q" with spaces in between for it to show up.

BBOPQ said...

Hi Robert! Thanks for spreading the word and writing about us on your site. It's so awesome to see local marylanders support our food (even before it's open!). We'll be hosting our grand opening on 11/20/2015 at the Westfield Montgomery Mall, so come on in and give our food a taste. Also, here is our online information, for anyone who has been asking: