Tuesday, October 06, 2015

4990 Fairmont Avenue condo project seeks increase in density

Developer Duball, LLC just celebrated the grand opening of its latest Montgomery County project last night in Rockville. Now it turns its attention to the start of a new one, the long-awaited 4990 Fairmont Avenue luxury condo tower. Duball will ask the Montgomery County Planning Board to increase the residential density of the project by 2459 SF at its October 15 meeting.

The project's previous approval also included up to 7000 SF of non-residential uses. If the residential increase is approved by the board, all other conditions from the earlier approvals will remain binding on the developer.

Planning staff are recommending approval of the request. The request does not specify a change in the number of units, which were set at 72 condos up to this point. Certainly more is better this close to Metro.

Duball has already requested demolition permits for the existing structures on the site, which includes the most recent home of Eastham's Servicenter.

Rendering courtesy Duball, LLC.


Anonymous said...

What does that mean if the residential density is increased and no units are added? Larger units? Bigger common areas? Other?

Anonymous said...

The proposed amendment increases the -amount- of residential space within approved maximum, -not- the residential density.

Anonymous said...

5:09, Closets for the Russian nannies to sleep in.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference to us laymen? Thanks. :)