Friday, October 23, 2015

The Irish Inn buys Benny's Bar & Grill, to be renamed Lahinch

Benny's Bar & Grill in Potomac has been sold, and their last day will be this Sunday, October 25. The restaurant says the owners of the Irish Inn in Glen Echo have purchased the business, and will reopen it as Lahinch, serving Irish and American cuisine.

Benny's is located in the Cabin John Mall at 11325 Seven Locks Road.


Andrew said...

I went there once. I think people on Yelp are usually overly harsh, but it was like the bartenders there did not understand their job was to sell drinks.

Peter said...

Andrew, yeah the reviews can be harsh but on the other hand, the owner apparently does have the rep himself for being a bit of a jerk.

Having eaten there a few times in the couple years it's been open, it did have a bit of a schizophrenic personality, the menu constantly changing, and maybe a perception of being a bit more "fancy" than it really needed to be for that part of Potomac (I live in that area so I know what I'm talking about).

Hopefully the Irish Inn guys will be more in tune with what the neighborhood is looking for, and what Clyde's Tower Oaks, Founding Farmers Potomac, and (hopefully) Stanford Grill are delivering within, literally, a 5-minute drive from there.

...and of course this is further ammo against the argument of The Moribund Dyer that all economic development is dependent ONLY on the same sliver of Fortune 500 HQ jobs.

Anonymous said...

That place had promise, but it really sucked. I was there once when the waitress spilled a glass of water on the table next to us. The patrons handled it very well, not upset at all. The waitress started crying, and Benny was a real jerk to her.

Another time I was there, there were white flaky things floating in the glass of water. A new glass, same flaky things. All their water and non-alchholic drinks came out of the same thing. And since they had no canned or bottled drinks, I had to go without a drink at lunch (no, I wasn't going to drink booze at lunch).

Their subs were great. But HUGE. I really didn't need such an enormous sub + drink for almost $20 for a workday lunch.

I guess the $10 in Benny Bucks that Benny gave me to apologize for sucky service are now worthless. Maybe I can spend them at Radio Shack?

Peter said...

Re Anon @10:38 -- LOL on that, depends what Radio Shacks are left, the one at the other end of Cabin John Mall is closed. :-)