Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Liquor arrests at BCC/Whitman HS, theft in Kenwood + more - Bethesda crime update

Here's a roundup of crimes reported across Bethesda on October 24, according to crime data:

Disorderly conduct. East Lane at Montgomery Lane.

Theft. Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School.

Liquor arrest. Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School.

Burglary. 4200 block Oakridge Lane at 10:51 AM.

Theft. 5300 block Oakland Road at 6:40 PM (Kenwood).

Assault. Oxford Street at Connecticut Avenue at 12:51 AM (Chevy Chase Village).

Theft. 5300 block Western Avenue.

Liquor arrest. Walt Whitman High School.

Theft. 4700 block Sangamore Road.

Theft from vehicle. 7100 block Radnor Road at 2:14 AM.

Drug arrest. Executive Boulevard at Old Georgetown Road at 6:49 PM (Pike District).

Drug arrest. 5400 block McGrath Boulevard at 10:11 PM (Pike District).

Drug arrest. 5400 block Marinelli Road at 8:48 PM (Pike District).


Anonymous said...

Will Dyer try to claim that Hans Riemer had foreknowledge of the illegal drinking at BCC and Whitman?

Anonymous said...

What a dumb question.

Anonymous said...

None of this would have happened if those high school kids had their old tennis courts to drink at.

Anonymous said...

I blame the rat invasion.