Monday, October 12, 2015

Sex offense on Executive Blvd., theft at Lord & Taylor + more - Bethesda crime update

Here's a roundup of crimes reported across Bethesda on October 9, according to crime data:

Drug arrest. 7900 block Wisconsin Avenue at 12:36 AM.

Drug arrest. 4900 block St. Elmo Avenue at 10:26 PM.

Drug arrest. 5800 block Inman Park Circle at 11:46 PM.

Theft. 9100 block Rockville Pike.

Vehicle burglary. 3900 block Woodlawn Road.

Theft. Lord & Taylor (White Flint Mall).

Other sexual offense. 5500 block Executive Boulevard at 5:03 PM (Pike District).

Theft. Nordstrom (Westfield Montgomery Mall).


Anonymous said...

"Other sexual offense. 5500 block Executive Boulevard at 5:03 PM (Pike District)."

These obsolete office parks have become the Cabrini-Greens of the 21st Century. Time to tear them down.

Robert Dyer said...

They're not obsolete. It just happens that our elected officials have created such a moribund business climate that companies don't want to move here to occupy those office parks.

The suburban office park is thriving where jobs are booming, including some of the world's biggest companies: Facebook and Google, among others in Silicon Valley. #Oops

G. Money said...

The only thing "moribund" around here is your credibility on MoCo economic issues. Cite actual job data or admit you are a charlatan.

Anonymous said...

A Moribund Charlatan at best. 5:29, nice move with that racist slur. Why don't you get straight to the point and call it a Ghetto? What a self-righteous, turd you are.

Anonymous said...

Dyer forgot to sign in again.


Robert Dyer said...

G.Money, you are not new to MoCo. You're being intellectually dishonest pretending to be ignorant of MoCo's long-standing distant runner up status in job creation to NoVa and DC. You are literally asking me for a photo of the sun to prove it exists.

G. Money said...

Translation of 12:45PM: "I will continue to claim to know about economic data but refuse to provide it, in favor of ad hominem attacks."

G. Money said...

Also, Dyer, I guarantee you that most MoCo residents, regardless of their duration of residence, have no idea what the job creation numbers are for their home county, much less NoVa and DC. On the other hand, they probably know about the sun.

Anonymous said...

"You are literally asking me for a photo of the sun to prove it exists."

No, "literally asking you for a photo of the sun to prove it exists" would be...

...asking you for a photo of the sun to prove it exists.

Rather than asking to to provide actual data to back up your wild claims on local employment statistics.

Robert Dyer said...

G. Money, are you going on the record claiming MoCo has created more jobs each year than Fairfax over the last ten years? Talk about "wild claims"!

You do realize that the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce and even George Leventhal completely disagree with you on that wild claim?

G. Money said...

Dyer, are you claiming that the sun doesn't exist? Talk about wild claims. Everyone knows the sun exists.