Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Police video shows drivers failing to stop for school bus on River Rd. in Bethesda

Montgomery County Police Department 2nd District commander David Falcinelli has released a video of drivers passing a stopped school bus on River Road at 7:00 AM on a recent morning. The bus was stopped in front of the Kenwood condominiums. Many drivers were apparently unaware that, due to the lack of a median on River Road, traffic on both sides must stop for a stopped school bus.

The fine for passing a stopped bus is $570, and offenders will also receive 3 points on their license. Falcinelli wants to give such drivers fair warning that he has asked his officers to make this offense a priority.


Anonymous said...

Are these buses equipped with video cameras to show the offenders?

Anonymous said...

What those buses really need is a boxer's glove attached to a spring, like in those old cartoons.

That'll learn the scofflaws.

Robert Dyer said...

5:06: Many are, but not all.