Saturday, October 24, 2015

Journeys opens in new location at Westfield Montgomery Mall (Photos)

Journeys has opened in its new location at Westfield Montgomery Mall, not far from its previous temporary spot. True to its name, the store has been moving around the mall quite a bit this year.


Anonymous said...

Want to see Tarnation Bob decked in street gear from Journeys!

Anonymous said...

Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Once Marriott moves to the site of the old White Flint Mall, and Lockheed Martin moves to a nice shiny 30-story tower on the remains of the Westbard shopping center, right next to the new Purple Line station, and the tenants of the Johns Hopkins building move down to the expanded Suburban Hospital, this entire district will be dead.





Anonymous said...

8:01 What does this have to do with the re-opening Journeys store? Are you saying Journeys is going to go out of business because of Marriott? what has this store done to you?

Steve D. said...

What does Marriott have to do with Montgomery Mall? I doubt shoppers are concerned about such matters.