Thursday, September 12, 2013


The former Kae Robin Gifts space at 6910 Bradley Boulevard remains vacant in the Bradley Shopping Center. Now the shopping center is advertising the 1920 square foot retail space as being available for lease.

Featuring 2 bathrooms, rear alley access, a prime downtown location, and heavy customer traffic to other popular businesses in the strip, it's surprising it has been on the market this long.

It should also be considered a contender for the second USPS post office, although I have yet to hear whether the postal real estate folks have decided just which zip code(s) they are searching in. This spot would allow surface parking by the door, but not drop boxes such as those popular at the now-demolished Arlington Road post office.

Rent could be an issue, though, as USPS real estate specialist Richard Hancock vowed he would not overpay for space earlier this year. Costs would likely be lower in the 20816 zip code.

I'm sure everyone within walking distance of the shopping center would like to see a) a nice restaurant/food shop, b) an interesting and/or useful retail store, or c) a convenient post office lease this space.

Any takers out there in the DC area?


Anonymous said...

Maybe Bruce Variety shoud take it. The conspiracy theorists blamed Strosniders for Bruce's being pushed our. I think Bruce's just couldn't handle the rent.

Agree: would be a good location for a post office.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Bruce could not handle the skyrocketing rent. When more stores go they will raise the shopping center for mixed-use, high density, development just like the post office, that use to be, across the street.....