Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Bethesda Metro station reopens (Photos)

The Bethesda Metro station has just reopened, after a comedy of errors that began when a power surge knocked out escalator service at the station this afternoon. Initially, Metro had reported the escalator was being fixed, and that the station would reopen around 5:40 PM. That ultimately did not happen, leading to a Twitter apology from WMATA.

As rush hour wound down tonight, shuttles were still running between Friendship Heights and Medical Center. But signage only referred to the Medical Center shuttle, which appeared to confuse some stranded commuters. That free shuttle service is now canceled with the station reopening, Metro said.

The snafus were good business for the Dunkin' Donuts at the Metro Center, however, which was open until 9:00.
Dunkin' Donuts in the
Clark Building

Potential customers included
frustrated commuters, Metro
employees and TV crews


Anonymous said...

Is that a paid promotional announcement for Dunkin Donuts? Seriously, you think anyone frustrated enough with Metro and trying to get home/work, is going to say "Oh, look its DD let me pause from the madness and have a crappy fried snack with some hot water. NOT!

Anonymous said...

@ 7:01 AM is my new hero.

Steve D. said...

Hating donuts is the first step towards Stalinism.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Riemer's favorite Bethesda blog finally reported that the Bethesda station has reopened. ...12 hours after it happened (And 12 hours after Dyer's report)
Thankfully, I doubt anyone is relying on that blog for timely and complete transit news.