Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Overnight storms knock out power in downtown Bethesda area, Chevy Chase (Photos)

Lightning over Chevy Chase Cars
on Wisconsin Avenue Monday evening
An early evening thunderstorm Monday got a lot of media attention from weather forecasters. But a seemingly-less powerful storm came through early this morning, and caused at least two power outages overnight.
Pepco map of major downtown
Bethesda/Town of Chevy Chase
power outage
One outage knocked out power to over 1000 Pepco customers across a wide swath of downtown Bethesda and the Town of Chevy Chase. The area ran roughly from Bradley Lane to Georgia Street in Chevy Chase, to West Virginia Avenue to the north, and along Wisconsin and Woodmont Avenues to the west.

A second outage affected a small area and 55 customers in Chevy Chase, and was caused by downed power lines, according to Pepco.

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