Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New renderings of Gables White Flint in North Bethesda's Pike District (Photos)

The Montgomery County Planning Board is scheduled to take up the preliminary site plan for the Gables White Flint project in North Bethesda on April 30. Two surface parking lots in the rapidly-growing Pike District will give way to up to 476 residential units, a public parking garage, and 31,000 SF of retail space.

Planning department staff are recommending approval with many conditions, including agreed-upon widths of roads, and a lengthy list of bicycle facilities and recreational features. The project site is along Old Georgetown Road, as well as the future Market Street and Grand Park Avenue extension.

Renderings via Montgomery County Planning Department


Steve D. said...

Does that mean Executive Blvd will be blocked off?

Anonymous said...

@ Steve D. -

What is now Executive Boulevard will be separated and realigned. The part east of Old Georgetown Road will be relocated to the south side of the Gables site, and the part west of the intersection with Old Georgetown Road will be realigned so that it will be a continuous roadway with the "new" Old Georgetown Road east of that intersection.

Steve D. said...

Thanks for the clarification. I kinda like the convenience of the current layout, but I guess you can't fight city hall.