Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pepco snips wrong wire, shuts down Bethesda restaurant (Photos)

If you noticed Bethesda Barbecue Company closed at 4917 Elm Street in recent days, it wasn't by the restaurant's choice. BBC says a Pepco worker mistakenly cut the wrong power line on April 17, causing the restaurant's ventilation system to shut down. The resulting damage has taken days to fix, but they had the smoker ready yesterday.

The restaurant is scheduled to open on time this morning, at 11:30 AM.

This may be where the wire
was cut, below Elm Street


Anonymous said...

It took you six days to report this?

Robert Dyer said...

The restaurant is reopening today. Welcome to the world.

Robert Dyer said...

5:35: I guess you could say that "while you were sleeping, you got scooped again."

Anonymous said...

Has 5:35 been waiting six days just to be able to say that here?

I imagine the restaurant (and patrons) are much more interested in when it reopens.

Robert, perhaps Pepco snipped 5:35's wire?

Chase said...

Lol...why does 5:35am take pleasure in being so negative? I'd hate to work or associate with someone with that much negative energy.

The rest of us appreciate Robert's reporting. And helping get the word out that Bethesda BBQ Co. is reopening.