Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Robbery, assaults mark violent day in downtown Bethesda - Bethesda crime update

Saturday was a decidedly violent day in downtown Bethesda. A robbery was reported in the Bethesda Row area, as well as 3 downtown assaults. Two of the assaults took place 30 minutes - and about 3 blocks - apart. Two other assaults occurred in the North Bethesda area that day.

On a trivia note, new development Pike & Rose recorded only its second official crime since opening last year - a theft.

Here's a roundup of all crimes reported across Bethesda on April 4, according to crime data:

Robbery. Bethesda Avenue at Woodmont Avenue.

Assault. 4900 block St. Elmo Avenue at 2:28 AM.

Assault. 7800 block Norfolk Avenue at 3:35 PM.

Assault. 7800 block Wisconsin Avenue at 1:58 AM.

Assault. 11800 block Dinwiddie Drive at 7:30 PM.

Assault. 5100 block Parklawn Terrace at 10:22 PM (Pike District).

Theft. 11800 Grand Park Avenue at 12:15 PM (Pike & Rose).

Theft. Westfield Montgomery Mall.

Theft. Westfield Montgomery Mall.

Theft. 7100 block Democracy Boulevard.


Steve D. said...

The wonders of density.

Anonymous said...

Coincidence that all this violent activity comes just as all these new blogger carpetbaggers come into town?

I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

The short bus was seen speeding away on St. Elmo, heading towards Arlington, on early Saturday morning.

Anonymous said...

Weren't you at Summer House last week Dyer? I'm pretty sure where I'd start looking for the thief.

How does one person just embody everything that is wrong with the world - its an amazing feat I'll grant you that.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! Those people who committed the crimes need to get arrested!

Ellis said...
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Ellis said...

12:24 Yes, but you've proven quite consistently that you're not very reliable a thinker.

More likely it's a part of Hansy's efforts to reinvigorate the local night life ... or die trying.