Saturday, April 11, 2015

Apple Watch arrives at Bethesda Row Apple Store - but Apple snubs Bethesda on Edition model (Photos)

The eagerly-awaited Apple Watch is available for your perusal now at the Bethesda Row Apple Store. I noticed extra security and staff were on hand for the occasion Friday.

You won't actually be able to take it home, however. Pre-ordering is underway, but the watch doesn't actually go on sale until April 24.

But in a rare gaffe, the tech giant has snubbed wealthy Bethesda. The high-end Apple Watch model, the $17,000 Apple Watch Edition in 18k gold, is not available at the Bethesda Row store. This despite the store being located in what was recently named America's richest town!


Just yards away from Edgemoor McMansions, and construction sites for condos "from the several millions," Apple finds the Bethesda Row store apparently unworthy to host the Apple Watch Edition. Yet it is available at the Tysons Corner store. Sure, that's close to fabulously-expensive single-family homes in McLean. But McLean wasn't named the Richest Town in America.

That aside, let's have a look at this new piece of high-technology that USA Today tech expert Ed Baig says is a must-have - if you can afford it.

This is Bethesda - we can afford it!
A selection of colors

On-target GPS

You can change your
watch face - hopefully
Apple will eventually
open the watch face
design options to
third parties

Nice to have airline and Amtrak
travel options - and that all-important
Starbucks card!
One other new item that could be overshadowed by the watch, is the new MacBook:


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Robert Dyer said...

8:45: You need to go back to grade school to learn about the basic measurements, and when they are to be used.

Then sign up for SEO 101.

Based on your bigoted comment, you also need civil rights training and counseling to address your hate speech.

Anonymous said...

robert goes to the apple store every day and leaves his 99 cent blog on all the computers

Anonymous said...

And Apple customers get to see his unhinged rants. LOL

Anonymous said...

No way this loser isn't a PC guy

Robert Dyer said...

6:57: I've never posted an"unhinged rant". You've posted unhinged comments that speak for themselves. What a pathetic specimen you are, spending your entire Saturday night posting troll comments on a local news site. You're clearly the World's Biggest Loser. The weakest cog in the MoCo Machine.

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Surprised you'd bring up PCs, after Riemer & Leventhal were humiliated when it was revealed that - on their watch - the County Government was still using Windows 2000 in 2015.

Your losers are PC guys indeed. The fact they use you as a tool should concern every voter about their judgment and fitness for office.

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"Remember when they were to scared to show up for the debate in Olney?"

No, they just didn't see any need to "debate" the guy wearing pants on his head.

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4:42: You're the Coward of the County just like Hans and George. You're a big tough "man" behind your keyboard, but like them, don't have the guts to come out and say these bizarre things in public. And you're still making bigoted statements about disabled children. You're a despicable gutless coward - and you're supposed to represent Riemer & Leventhal? Shameful.

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Elm said...

Why does the "anonymous" Bethesda blogger who posts weird comments on here prefer ad hominem attacks against Robert rather than discussing the issues?

The same anonymous person who says he's in public meetings with Robert, but can't engage or debate in public, preferring to hide behind his keyboard?

The same anonymous person who trespassed in Bethesda apartment buildings to paper units with ads for his new anti-Dyer blog?

And we're supposed to believe that you're sane and Dyer is "unhinged". lol.

Nice try, "anonymous", but no one is buying that one. Your obsession with Robert is truly bizarre.

(Does Prince of Petworth have a stalker too?)

Anonymous said...

"Woodmont", "Arlington", and now "Elm".

How soon before "Hampden" shows up here?

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"his new anti-Dyer blog"

I'd love to know what Dyer's shill is babbling about.

Perhaps he's talking about the well-established blog that links to Dyer on a regular basis?

Anonymous said...

lol..a blog well established in stuffing junk mail into Bethesda apartment units. Not exactly best practice or green. Pro Tip: Buy postage next time rather than trespassing.

Anonymous said...

Did you plagiarize your text from the Washingtonian article that was published a day earlier?

Anonymous said...

Everyone in Bethesda trying to reserve a time to try on the watch via got a message saying no Edition watch in Bethesda. I was shocked to be honest. Not an exclusive story though.

Big retail story for the Row. Good to see Robert reported it while others snoozed :)

Robert Dyer said...

6:44: Ridiculous, libelous statement. Do you even know what plagiarism means?