Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Livestream w/Michael Douglas & Jeremy Irvine at ArcLight Cinemas Thursday in Bethesda

Actors Michael Douglas and Jeremy Irvine will participate in livestream Q&A following the 7:00 PM showing of their new film, Beyond the Reach, this Thursday, April 16, at ArcLight Cinemas in Bethesda. The Q&A will be streamed live from Hollywood. Beyond the Reach is an R-rated remake of a 1974 ABC Movie of the Week, which starred Andy Griffith in the Douglas role.

The movie is a take on The Most Dangerous Game. But in this case, Douglas' tycoon only becomes the hunter after accidentally shooting a man on a desert expedition. His hunting guide, played by Irvine, is the only witness.

You can watch the movie's official trailer here. Tickets for the 7:00 Thursday showing are on-sale now, and available online.

ArcLight Cinemas is located in Westfield Montgomery Mall.

Photo courtesy Roadside Attractions


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, 154 days of total silence regarding iPic in Pike & Rose.

Robert Dyer said...

9:19: I haven't obsessively counted the days as you have, but if so, that would be 154 days that iPic hasn't sent me a press release. Maybe they should hire ArcLight's PR team, who actually engage with local media. The total silence has been from iPic, not me.