Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sex offense on St. Elmo Ave., assault on Cordell Ave. + much more - Bethesda crime update

Here's a roundup of crimes reported across Bethesda on April 18, according to crime data:

"Other sexual offense." 4900 block St. Elmo Avenue at 12:22 AM.

Theft. 7800 block Old Georgetown Road.

Theft. 7700 block Woodmont Avenue.

Disorderly conduct. Parking Garage 40 (Cordell-St. Elmo Garage).

Disorderly conduct. Hampden Lane at Woodmont Avenue.

Assault. 4800 block Cordell Avenue at 2:18 AM.

Drug arrest. 4900 block Battery Lane.

Theft. 7000 block Wisconsin Avenue.

Theft. 8500 block Connecticut Avenue.

Assault. 4500 block Willard Avenue at 12:53 PM.

Theft from vehicle. 5100 block Allan Terrace at 9:39 PM (Westgate).

Theft from vehicle. 5300 block Westbard Avenue at 8:08 PM.

Burglary. 5000 block Westport Road at 3:31 PM (Brookdale).

Drug arrest. 5300 block Westbard Avenue.

Theft. White Flint Mall.

Theft. 7400 block River Road (near Burdette Road).


Anonymous said...

So "& Much More" is now becoming a standard appendage to a DAILY crime report?! This is not good. I've been sure to scan every crime report since discovering this blog over a year ago and it's clear that violence has increased significantly, And the warm weathe when crime usually rises is still ahead of us. Not good.

Anonymous said...

Who are all these Othersexuals in Bethesda, who commit these "other sexual offenses"?

Steve D. said...

There does seem to be a disturbing number of crimes lately. Maybe the police are slacking off until they get their new building built.